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You have an idea – we have the solution!

What’s your idea?

Fantastic you’ve got an idea for software or an app you want building but are not sure what steps to take next.

Don’t worry it’s normal when thinking about how to get your idea into an cohesive state were you can actually see it taking shape.
We are here to help with that process!

When coming up with an idea that you want developing its exciting, you’ve looked around and can not see anything like your idea you want to get it ready as quickly as possible! We share your excitement and want to help you get things ready so we go through a process to ensure that you are fully ready and have the best possible chance of success.

  1. We sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  2. We discuss your idea and how you see it working
  3. We discuss the markets (if it is a commercial product being developed)
  4. We carry out a feasibility study (at this point you can decide to continue)
  5. We start the planning phase
  6. We build the product over multiple stages
  7. We test the product
  8. We launch the product
  9. We support the product


How do we build your product?

Using a process known as Agile we are able to build large complex products, meeting expectations and delivering the product in incremental stages.

So just what is Agile and how does it work?
The Agile Method ensures that value is optimised throughout the development process. The use of iterative planning and feedback results in teams that can continuously align a delivered product that reflects the desired needs of a client. It easily adapts to changing requirements throughout the process by measuring and evaluating the status of a project. The measuring and evaluating allows accurate and early visibility into the progress of each project.

The Agile Method; produces results that clients can take to the bank. It will be delivered within the time that it needs to be produced. Throughout the process, the client and the team are changing the requirements in order to produce the quality needed by the client. Clients are happy with the results, and the team satisfies the client’s needs. The ongoing change can sometimes give both the client and the team more than they had originally envisioned for the product. The Agile Method really is a winning solution for everyone involved in software development.

What does this all mean though?
Simply put it means you get a product delivered on time on budget which meets your needs. The project is allowed to flow and quite often may not turn out exactly as the client had originally envisioned, but! This is a good thing as the product is more aligned with what is actually required.

Throughout the build we carry out the following process.

  • Get requirements
  • Analyse these, discuss and adjust
  • Design/Plan cycles.
  • Code/Develop each cycle
  • Test
  • Deploy



Got your idea need some help?

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Do you have an idea?
Have you thought of a great idea for a mobile app or software but do not know where to start. Well you have just arrived at the right place!

Here at Smart Business Solutions we work with you to realise your dream.
It’s your idea your focus,

Retail Solutions

Do you own a shop?
Do you want to take yourself online quickly and safely, but not sure where to start?

Imagine being able to link your bricks and mortar shop directly to your online store.


Getting a little stuck?
Have you wished you could build your own company website quickly, you only need a simple site which tells potential clients where you are what you do.

IT Solutions

Need more power?
Is your business at the point where it needs more power, more computing power? You have been putting it off but know that really it is needed. The computers are running slowly, the staff are getting fed up, productivity levels have dropped and all because the systems are not being maintained or are starting to fail.


Only needing to load products in one location and keep control of the stock. Of being able to check from any location the state of play with stock levels and ensuring that you can reorder quickly. Our EPOS solutions are a fantastic way of achieving just this.

Would you like to link directly to Amazon, Ebay and other portals to sell items. Have a shop which is immediately available on mobile devices.

We have been building solutions for many years and have one of the most intuitive powerful back office systems for an online shop you will ever see. Fast, effective efficient which means you can concentrate on making money not running the shop.
Make the smart choice.


One which allows them to get in touch with you. You’re asking yourself the questions why do I want to spends thousands getting a simple site put together, or having to pay each time you need it updating. The problem quite often is how do I do it?

Well now you can with Smart Business Solutions. We have our web builder training which over three evenings shows you how to build a great looking website which you have control over. The site you are looking at right now is built on the same platform!

Fantastic value for money, hosted for 1 year with support offered if required at preferential rates, you really are only left with the smart choice to make.

IT Solutions

What would you do if you lost your data?
60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster
93% of businesses who suffer data loss for more than 10 days file for bankruptcy within a year, 50% immediately.
Don’t become one of these statistics!

Smart Business Solutions can help in all areas of your IT needs, Server and infrastructure installs, Disaster recovery plans, Support and maintenance contracts, Data back up, email support. We have you covered at all angles so the choice can really only be a smart one.

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